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Our unique children’s ministry presentations are based on interactive sessions with children, focusing on bible based teachings.

Directing our Christian Education program is education specialist Dr. Danielle West, who has engaged in educational pursuits for the last 30 years in a variety of settings, most recently working with students of all grade levels (K-PhD) in a tutoring capacity. Combining her penchant for education, teaching and love of Scripture, the children’s ministry is a natural outgrowth.

In addition to traditional Children’s programs, we are most proud of our Christian Tutoring for those students struggling in their Christian Education (K-12) academic programs to students across the country. As a member of the Christian Educators Association International, Knowing Christ Ministries is initiating a Christian tutoring outreach as part of our growing commitment to children and Christian Education. As is consistent with our ministry, all teaching is based on Scripture. Scripture can teach math, scripture can teach reading and language arts, scripture can teach social studies, scripture can teach science, scripture can teach history – and all the while helping to draw the child into a closer relationship with Christ. More details on this program are available on the Children’s Education tab!  

What about the need for Children to know and understand Scripture? What about the questions they may have about application?

After a year working closely with early elementary school children in an educational setting with children from a Christian home who are in the process of learning the Bible for themselves, Dr. Danielle West soon realized that as they face challenges in their expanding world, they have questions, they often don’t know how to react and are often conflicted between what God says and how they feel or are made to feel.  Our multimedia presentations help answer these questions with the goals of resolving emotional or personal conflicts the child is experiencing whether through fictional works or our non-fiction teachings.

Topical presentations include sessions on:

Who Wrote the Bible

God Created the Bird and Bee and You and Me

and the Gabriel Series

In particular, the Gabriel series is an excellent opportunity for adults to join with the children’s ministry to join 6 year old Gabriel as he is confronted by various elements in his world that make him question how to behave based on what God says in the Bible. For example, how should he react when he is bullied at school? Poor little Gabriel does not want to love is tormentor or turn the other cheek. Learn what your children are facing and how they interpret issues outside of the home and how they interpret what the bible says. Witness how your child can learn that all issues end with   encouragement and comfort in God’s unending love. All biblical citations are from the King James Version.

SPECIAL NOTE: Our lecture series can also be combined to accommodate separate presentations to adults and children.

To schedule a lecture please contact us at: with your first and second options for both lecture date and time. We will do our best to accommodate you. Specifically for scheduling for children’s programs for the school year 2011—2012, please schedule your requests early!






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