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We are most proud of our Christian Tutoring for those students struggling in their Christian Education (K-12) academic programs to students across the country. As a member of the Christian Educators Association International, Knowing Christ Ministries is initiating a Christian tutoring outreach as part of our growing commitment to children and Christian Education. As is consistent with our ministry, all teaching is based on Scripture. Scripture can teach math, scripture can teach reading and language arts, scripture can teach social studies, scripture can teach science, scripture can teach history – and all the while helping to draw the child into a closer relationship with Christ.

All tutoring is performed online in a virtual classroom environment inclusive of a white board or through other communication based media by Christian educators who have a strong background in teaching or tutoring and have a shared belief in the Knowing Christ Ministries mission. Additionally, all tutors are rigorously interviewed and must pass a qualifying examination (copy available upon request) before contracting with Knowing Christ Ministries.

We encourage you to notify both parents and teachers of this wonderful new opportunity to further a child’s Christian Education. As part of our ministry outreach, tutoring fees are kept low and for those who cannot afford traditional rates, a sliding scale based upon income will be made available. Please feel free to contact us with any and all questions directly or have parents of students in need contact us about this exciting new outreach. 

Knowing Christ Ministries seeks to enrich the lives of your children!

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