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In addition to our church consulting and seminar/guest lecture services, we are pleased to announce our new Biblical Counseling services. Services offered are based on the principles of Neil Anderson’s Freedom in Christ and the easing of burdens that remain in the emotional realm following Freedom. Together, we work to help you understand how The Word and a belief if Christ as Lord and Savior can truly and permanently set you free. This is an amazing process that will dramatically effect your life in a way like no other can or has.

We understand that receiving your Freedom in Christ is one thing; dealing with the emotional scars that may remain or helping to tear down protective walls, anger or other defenses that still remain despite your newfound Freedom in Christ takes time. We employ a strictly biblical and person-centered approach to biblical counseling and what we believe is emotional reconstruction.

This partnership of services is a blessing to us as, Neil Anderson’s programs and the basis of our Biblical Counseling are predicated on having an existing relationship with Christ as your personal savior. But in order to have a strong and intimate relationship with Christ or anyone, you need to know who that person is. Therefore, Step One in our Biblical Counseling approach is working through the original concepts of our Knowing Christ Ministry effort and then following that, if requested, with Biblical Counseling.

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Biblical Counseling


To ask for more details, schedule a lecture or seminar in your location or arrange for church consulting or biblical counseling, or should you simply have any questions or wish to inquire about  of our services, please contact us at:

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