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Dedicated to helping others know who Christ was, is and shall always be….

We, at Knowing Christ Ministries, offer a wide range of services from adult and children’s education, radio broadcasts on controversial and though-provoking topics, lectures and seminars to church consulting options that help bring Christ to the church and assure His message is what is being preached and taught.

In addition to the above services, we are pleased to announce our new Biblical Counseling services. Services offered are based on the principles of Neil Anderson’s Freedom in Christ. Together, we work to help you understand how The Word and a belief if Christ as Lord and Savior can truly and permanently set you free. This is an amazing process that will dramatically effect your life in a way like no other can or has.

Guest lectures are available on the Authenticity of the Bible and Why Study the Bible. Check out the Lectures page for details and contact information.

Our 7-lesson seminar: Turn on the Flood Lights can be structured as a half-day, whole-day or weekend seminar which, if held over Saturday and Sunday include conducting guest worship and bible teaching Sunday services or delivering the message. See our exclusive seminar page for details!

Church consulting is a high demand area for Knowing Christ. We work to help increase your growth based on genuine faith in the Gospel of Christ Jesus and genuine reward.

Church consulting programs can also take the role of many formats:

1. Initial introduction to the church taking over Sunday services including worship and the message

2. Providing a guest message for Sunday services on “Knowing Christ”

3. 1 week extensive review based upon permission of the elders to review and audit the church. Some areas that will be reviewed is the elder board and/or administrative board, ministry leaders and areas that are focused upon in the church to assure all are focused on Him rather than the church as an organization. Only in this way will membership grow, giving will grow and the church body will grow, but it will be growth based on Faith in the Gospel of Christ Jesus and genuine reward.

Optional consulting areas:


1. Other areas that can be included or handled independently are How to Run and Lead various ministries, such as the women’s or men’s ministry and help you discern whether you want these to inherently be gender based bible studies or not or a mix of issues.

2. Teaching on how to teach bible studies and discuss what they are, what the purpose is and how to decide what format to follow.


For more information, to schedule a seminar/seminar series, or request Knowing Christ Ministries to guest host a Sunday worship and teaching service or simply for more information, please contact us by phone at: 303-997-1771.









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To ask for more details, schedule a lecture or seminar in your location or arrange for church consulting or biblical counseling, or should you simply have any questions or wish to inquire about  of our services, please contact us at:

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