Knowing Christ Ministries

Dedicated to helping others know who Christ was, is and shall always be….

Seminars can be structured as half-day, whole-day or weekend seminars which if held over Saturday and Sunday include conducting guest worship and bible teaching Sunday services or delivering the message.


**** Depending on the type of format requested, seminar handout materials in the form of outlines and/or slides of Power Point presentations with room for notes will be provided ****************

The seven topical areas presented below make up our Turning on the Flood Light Seminar. The nature of the individual modules presented below are considered progressive in nature, although each can be singled out into individual classes which can be scaled down in length or expanded to accommodate the time frames you desire:



Understanding what a relationship is and is not; understanding what an intimate relationship is and is not; understanding what most people experience as a relationship with Christ and how that differs from what can be achieved if you desire to know Him.



You are told by your pastor, friend or other Christian to give your life to Him, He will forgive your sins and offer you eternal salvation and redemption, He died for your sins, etc. But WHO is He that you should? We reveal who He really is and the incredible joy that can be experienced through an intimate relationship with Him, but only if you know Him as He knows you. Learn the 10 truths to know Him better.



What is the purpose of scripture, the Bible, the Word, the gospels all as the inspired word of God? This session highlights how The Word is His word, His record, His guide for our lives, our instruction manual. How the Word is alive today as a living document as it was when it was written. How the Word is consistent in meaning and interpretation from when it was written as it is today. How knowing Scripture will lead to knowing Him better and growing in your walk.



Why do people belong to a church, specific religion or choose to worship. There are misconceptions of who Christ is with religiosity, theology and dogma. How to remove the later and focus on Christ. What it means to have a heart for worship. What it means to attend a worship service compared to a bible study; both have their purpose but what are they and how do each lead you to a closer relationship with Christ? How do each in their own way help you know Him better?



Spirituality in a world of generalities. What the risks are for Christians walking in the world exposed to others’ who perceive your belief through their own eyes based on various world views. What are these world-views of Christianity, what is spirituality and what are the dangers of all of these “nice people” who are spiritual and state they have the same beliefs just not entirely from shifting your focus away from your relationship with Him. Many of these individuals were burned out by the need for acts drilled into them in their youth, and no longer feel the faith.



Spiritual Warfare… It is alive, it is growing throughout our world in leaps and bounds as Satan knows his days on this earth are numbered. As such, Satan is doing all he can in ways we may not acknowledge or even be aware of to manipulate and lead us from our intimate walk with Christ. After all, if Christ is living in you, would you really want to take him with you EVERYWHERE you went, expose him to everything you watch, listen to or do? This seminar can be a day seminar onto itself including taking the group through the Seven Steps to Freedom in Christ.



Who am I in Christ teachings. The concept of genuine commitment to Christ comes out of a genuine commitment to faith. How? Through understanding all that has been taught to this point and understanding, knowing and immersing yourself in His Word. Not necessarily commentary or other’s opinion, not through looking at isolated verses out of context – but only through your own study.

“Turn on the Flood Light” Seminar!