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Guest lectures are available on the Authenticity of the Bible and Why Study the Bible presented by noted author, lecturer, pastor and researcher Dr. Danielle West, ND.

Lectures take the form of 2 hour presentations (inclusive of a break and 20 minute question and answer period), making this an ideal offering for your church or organization for a late morning, afternoon or evening engagement for your church or organization. The current lectures we offer can be combined to create a full morning, afternoon, day or weekend long offering as well.

The Authenticity of the Bible. Worship and messages are virtually always based on The Bible. We are told to study The Bible. But how do we know to believe in The Bible beyond just being told to do so by family, church members and pastors or ministers? Isn’t that “putting the cart ahead of the horse?” This program provides the audience with irrefutable proof that The Bible is the inspired, inerrant, authentic word of God by examining history, archeology and prophecy. Based on the truth, Bible Study, Worship and Messages take on an entirely different meaning as one can internalize what they know beyond the shadow of any doubt that The Bible is in fact, the Word of God.

From His Lips to Your Heart. This program provides the audience The Bible as God’s Love Letter. Through both an examination of what The Bible says about the love of Christ for members of the audience, about the overwhelming love of God for us and about what The Bible says about a Father’s love for us, audience members will draw closer to an intimate relationship with our triune God as The Bible takes on an entirely new meaning for them; that of love letter from the Father’s lips directly to their hearts.

Lip Service is a Lie. This program gets a bit controversial in its discussion of God providing free will in our lives, but when it comes to right or wrong there is no wiggle room. Therefore, this program discusses many “little white lie” type sins which people commit which are NOT traditionally thought of as sins. Many individuals think the “little white lie” is not as great a sin as murder for example; but there is no grey area when it comes to sin. Either you sin or you don’t. The main focus is on awareness of sin in our lives both personally and that of others which can enable us to stand glorified before Him at the end of our days.

Forgiveness #1. This message/workshop (can be provided in either venue or both) focuses on the concept of Forgiveness starting with the varied definitions used in Scripture and goes through forgiving others and concludes with a discussion of the pop-psychology induced need to forgive self, including detailed instruction on the lack of evidence within Scripture on forgiving self emphasizing instead the need for a re-evaluation of your relationship with God.

Forgiveness #2. This message/workshop (can be provided in either venue or both) focuses on the issues related to God vs. Satan, good vs. evil, theological views on Theodicy, blaming God and finally forgiving God. Scripture is examined to provide evidence from which to negate the need to forgive God but rather the need to examine your relationship with God.

Note: Forgiveness #1 and #2 can be combined into a day or weekend long event.

SPECIAL NOTE: Our lecture series can also be combined to accommodate separate presentations to adults and children. Please see our new offerings and opportunities in the Children’s Ministry section of this website.

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